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Nowadays, social media apps are constantly fighting for our attention. It’s no wonder we’re becoming more distracted and anxious each and everyday. In a new Netflix series tilted, ‘The Social Dilemma’ previous tech founders explain how social media companies make money. (Here’s a hint, it’s from bringing YOU back into their app!) If everyday, we […]

BY MollyKate Cline | September 16, 2020 | PODCAST

How to Limit Social Media Usage

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Talking about how I became a fashion designer, and ultimately, came to know Jesus along the way. I detail what it was like showing my collections on runways such as New York Fashion Week, and the advice I would’ve given myself earlier. When it comes to doing what you love, I share that you can love God and love people, no matter your vocation, your back story or what industry you decide to go into.

BY MollyKate Cline | July 27, 2020 | PODCAST

Finding Faith in the Fashion Industry

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This doesn’t have to mean only using certain presets or only posting photos with certain colors in it. It just simple means that before you can use Instagram to leverage your personal brand, you have to identify what your personal brand is. And here’s a hint, you don’t have to be a business owner to have a personal brand….in fact, I believe we’re all our own personal brands every single day. Think about what colors, images, values, beliefs, fonts, places, food, objects, THINGS you want people to associate with you.

BY MollyKate Cline | July 21, 2020 | PODCAST

How to Leverage Instagram for Your Personal Brand

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All in all, people pleasing is harmful because it will hold you back from doing what you truly want to do in life. It is not a sustainable way to live, and you will burn out. It will give you absolutely no benefits, because you can never please everybody.

BY MollyKate Cline | July 20, 2020 | LIFESTYLE

Stop Being a People Pleaser

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“It’ll be worth it because I’m making ‘X’ amount of money”…we’ve all said this before. The problem with this statement? We’re making money our end goal. And you might be thinking, ‘well MollyKate, money IS my end goal!’ and if that’s you, know that I’ve been there too….and it’s time for a mindset shift. Story […]

BY MollyKate Cline | April 8, 2020 | LIFESTYLE

Making Time Your Currency